How to Keep the Workshop Clean

It doesn’t matter who you are: a person who is fond of assembling models, or a professional carpenter who makes quality furniture, your life in both cases revolves around your workshop. It may be just a small corner of your home or a special warehouse for individual storage, but undoubtedly this is some kind of special place in which you can get creative. Anyone who has workshop can tell you how important it is to keep a workplace clean after each work process, it is a good idea to remove all the garbage in the wheeled trash cans, because it will allow you to be more productive and will significantly reduce the amount of stress that you have to face in the process. Here are a few ways to tidy up your workspace so that you can stay focused on your work.

Stock up on magnets

There are endless uses for the high-power magnet in the workshop of the handyman or hobbyist. Magnets can be useful for picking up bolts or other small metal objects, or for attaching blueprints and plans to metal surfaces so they can be seen at all times, and can also be used as an auxiliary tool. If you need to go somewhere and at the same time need to keep your nails and other small parts at hand, just put a stronger magnet in your pocket. A strong enough magnet will allow you to keep nails and other metal objects in your trouser pocket, from where you can always reach them without any problems during work.

Buy wall mounted tool rack

If your workshop wall still doesn’t have a toolbox on it, then you’re likely just wasting vertical space. Wall-mounted panels are inexpensive and easy to use, yet offer a host of organized tool storage options and are indispensable in any workshop. In addition to standard hooks, the panel can include shelves, special holders for small tools such as screwdrivers, and drawers for small bolts, nails and more.

Sort everything and make special notes

This minor change seems to be nothing special, but you will see the difference yourself. Buy a set of drawers and sort all your small items and tools into groups. Then place them in cupboards and sign them accordingly. While this may take some time, it will help you never again waste time looking for the right bolt, nail or screw.

Prepare the tools for the job in advance

When you start a new project, it makes sense to make your life easier and prepare in advance all the tools you will need for a specific task. By dividing your workplace into separate zones, each for a specific work within the project, it will be easier for you to focus on the current task, because you will always remember the most urgent things that need to be completed.

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